Ragdolls are often referred to as “Gentle Giants.” They are
very friendly, sweet, docile cats who love to be with their “humans.” They greet you at the door when you return from
being away, and like to follow you around, not demanding attention, but just content that you are home! They are eager to “help” out with whatever you are doing. If you are gone a lot, we suggest that you have a companion so they don't get lonely.

Ragdolls are calm and laid back, yet they can become moderately active and love to play. With their easy-going attitude, they get along very well with other animals and children.

Ragdolls are generally less stubborn than most cats and can be easily trained. Ragdolls are generally not destructive at home. Due to their lack of undercoat, they shed relatively little.

Ragdolls are usually not very “talkative,” but when they do, it is soft and musical. Their vocabulary consists of chirps, squeaks, and sometimes a soft meow. Please remember that these are only common qualities in the Ragdoll breed. Just like any other breed, they don’t apply to all cats. Every Ragdoll is an individual!

Steve & Lynne Chmelar

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